My name is Jaime. I'm a designer.

What I Do

I’ve been interested in computers and programming since 1985, when I used to retype BASIC instructions –line by line– into an Atari 800XL.
I’ve since learned HTML, CSS, some javascript and actionscript, and started learning python.

I’ve worked on design since 2002, mainly on web (front-end) and branding; I participated on the design of signage and wayfinding for the Biblioteca de Santiago.
I currently collaborate on Santabuzzo a small studio that I founded.

I worked as an assistant teacher for the Theory of Design course on UDP for two years.

Between 2006 and 2008 I sporadically collaborated with Voluspa Jarpa, a chilean visual artist, mainly on installation design and assemblage.


Who I Am

I obtained a Graphic Design degree with maximum distinction from Diego Portales University on 2014 –check out my thesis (in spanish).
I studied Architecture before that. Never finished it.

I've run some marathons and I love trekking.

I live in Santiago, Chile, with my wife and daughter.


My Work

I'm interested on data visualisation, glitches and DIY computers.
Here's some of my work:

Talk to me.

I'm very interested on teaching and research.
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